Repurposed Media Cabinets


There are so many great things about the flat screen television of today.  For example, a) the picture is almost better than real life, b) they have a great sleek modern look, c) although the screen is bigger, they take up less space because you can hang them on your wall. But the WORST thing about the flat screen TV, especially when you buy your first one, is what the heck do you do with that media cabinet that no longer fits your longer, flatter, modern boob tube?  Well, here’s a little inspiration to help transform your old media cabinet into something more useful.

Here are four great ideas for repurposed media cabinets.

Toy Storage

What is great about these outdated cabinets is the depth.  They can potentially store a lot of things.  I used my old cabinet for my daughter’s toy storage.  I also saved pictures one of her best friends colored and taped them to the inside doors.  When it is closed, the toys are hidden away.

The second picture is also for toy storage.  I saw this on an episode of Home Made Simple.

Craft & Sewing Storage

How cute is this from Girl in Pink? It’s perfect for all your craft or sewing supplies and fabric can be neatly kept and organized in the drawers.

Laundry Station and Organization

I saw this in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Add a tension rod to hang clothes and attach a folding ironing board on the side… brilliant!

Kid’s Play Kitchen

This last one is my favorite!  I plan to do a variation of this one (coming soon).

This one is from Design Dazzle. I love the chalkboard door on the front.

This blue kitchen is from an unknown source.  I did find it on Pintrest.  I love how they added a fake outdoor scene out the window.

This last one is adorable! It is from Better After. My favorite part is the mini chandelier… so cute!




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  1. I love love love the kitchens so cute. I want to do this for my girls. Can’t wait to move and see what I can make from your blog!

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