DIY Suitcase Shelves

DIY Suitcase Shelves

DIY Suitcase Shelves

Who doesn’t love vintage suitcases? They can be used in so many different ways to add that unique look to any room or space. Although these were a nightmare to cut up (and I felt super guilt about it) they looked fabulous in my hallway. I sourced these suitcases off ebay at such an amazing bargain after I was inspired by a similar idea in a home decor magazine my hubby had bought back from France. I just had to do it although I had no idea how haha!

Here’s my tutorial


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  1. i believe the suitcase shelves are so smart and far more interesting in a masculine setting or for a world traveler. i choose personal over more space for books and photos and the suitcases add that touch. thank you for this post. it helps to lubricate the rusty cogs in my brain.

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