Easy DIY Boho First Birthday Party

I kept changing my mind this year as to if I should have a first birthday party for my daughter.  With a week before the ideal weekend (last Saturday), I decided to pull the plug. I called a few friends ordered a cake from another friend, and busted out some very easy DIY boho first birthday party decorations and party favors.

The DIY Fairy Crowns I made for Valentine’s Day served as the inspiration.  I had a bunch of flowers left over and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money. After all, I made three so me and my daughters could wear them.  They would fit a bohemian themed party perfectly.

My daughter and I picked some branches when we made our softball opening day props and I had leftovers so I glued some flowers to branches and put them in a vase.

I also went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a cardboard one and covered the front with flowers.

I also printed out 12 pictures, one for each month, of my daughter and hung them on the chicken wire window frame I made.

I had my friend make a plain smash cake and I made these DIY first birthday cake toppers.

I made a ribbon bunting to double as table top décor and then moved it to the high chair when it was time to take smash cake pictures.

Lastly, I bought some candles for party favors to give to the adults.  Inside each favor I placed a feather and tied it with ribbon and embellished it with a flower.

I may have not spent a lot of time or money, but thanks to some easy DIY, and some amazing friends and family, we had an amazing party! Happy first birthday to my baby girl!

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  1. The cardboard one covered with the flowers is looking beautiful, it is a great idea. The birthday cake is amazing and nice idea of giving candles as party favor. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

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