Easy DIY Double Hoop Wall Hanging

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I wanted to make a simple double hoop wall hanging for my craft room that matched the bar stools and fabric switchplates I upcycled. I happen to have some Fair Isle yarn that were the perfect colors. 

Easy DIY Double Hoop Wall Hanging

The two hoops for this double hoop wall hanging are not attached, rather they are two separate pieces that are hung together.

Here are the stools I wanted them to match:

Time: 20-30 Minutes


  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • 5” Metal Hoop
  • 8” Metal Hoop

Watch the Video Tutorial:


This project is very simple and can be changed to fit your desired color and style. You can also use different textures of yarn, rope, ribbon, cord, etc. I bought these metal hoops at Joann Fabrics and they were less than $2 a piece. 

For this project, I cut sixteen pieces of yarn for each color.  I measured them across my body for length (fingertip to fingertip). One by one, fold the piece of yarn in half to find the center.  Use a Larks Head Knot to attach it to the hoop.

Give the yarn a haircut and cut the bottom of the yarn in a “V”. You can play around with this to fit your desired look. Consider trimming it in a slant, or an upside down “V”.

That’s it! Super easy! The best part is, is that if you don’t like it, get tired of it, or change the colors in your room, it is cheap and easy to change!

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