Elf Doughnut Box Printable

Download this Adorable Elf Doughnut Box Printable for an Elf First Day or Last Day

It’s that time of year again! Depending on your family tradition, your elf will be arriving soon. This elf tradition is a big one in our family every year. I love seeing the wonder in my girl’s faces. This year, my youngest will almost be three, so it’s a fun age for sure. This is where this Elf Doughnut Box Printable came to fruition.

In the past, for the first day, our elf showed up with this note and some fun marshmallow treats. It was a great hit and it’s available for free!

Kringle Kreme Doughnuts

Today I waned to share a new item in my Etsy shop. For a few dollars you can print this cute little Elf Doughnut Box Printable that I designed and was inspired by the famous Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Isn’t it cute?

Purchase and print it here: Elf Doughnut Box Printable

All you have to do it purchase, print, fold, and tape or glue. Inside you can place anything that resembles donuts like your kid’s favorite cereal. Fruit Loops were perfect. This is great for a first or last day visit, or just any day!

If you want to go the extra mile, add frosting and sprinkles to the “donuts”.

I recommend printing it on a heavier weight paper like cardstock or brochure paper, however regular printer paper works very well too.

More Elf Printables

If you are not familiar with my Etsy shop some of my most popular items are:

  • Elf DJ Booth
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It’s a fairly new venture for me. The proceeds all go into helping me grow DIY Inspired so that I can continue to publish free craft and DIY tutorials.

I also have original printables like:

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Is there something you need but can’t find? If there is an elf idea (or any printable idea for that matter) you have and you need someone to create it, feel free to leave me a comment! I love a challenge (and sometimes I need inspiration too)!

FREE Elf Ideas

If you need some FREE elf ides, check out these great ideas! As you can tell our home is a little elf-obsessed. That should be a hashtag…

Watch a Video

Here is a video I did several years ago with a bunch of our elf shenanigans. I think there are over 75 ideas in this short video!

I hope you enjoy these and that they are helpful to your family tradition this year!

Have you visited me on YouTube? I’d love for you to stop by and watch some craft and DIY video tutorials I have published. There are over 100 (and growing) on my channel. You can subscribe here.

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