Cheap Elf on the Shelf Crafts with Tutorials


Cheap Elf on the Shelf Crafts with Tutorials

I think part of my obsession with this annual family tradition, is the fact that I can get creative with our little bugger, Josie. Over time, I have published a few really cheap Elf on the Shelf crafts along with step by step tutorials. You can make all of these for $5.00 or less. The printables are free!

Here are Cheap Elf on the Shelf Crafts with Tutorials


On the First Day

Elf on the Shelf First Day Idea

This tutorial has a cute first day printable poem that goes with it, BUT if you are reading this and the first day is over, you can simply do the marshmallow snowman craft that goes with this tutorial. Your elf can show up one day with this sweet treat for the kids. Another option is to have the elf bring the supplies and the kids can make them themselves for a fun activity.


For Elf Stuff, Of Course

Elf on the Shelf DIY Messenger Bag

This craft costs about $2.00! I made this for our elf to pass notes and small treats back and forth from the North Pole. You can use it several times until Christmas day, stuffing it with special messages or small toys, or candy for your kids.

Elf on the Shelf No Sew Messenger Bag First Day Idea

Because Every Elf Needs Shoes

DIY Elf on the Shelf Shoes

One day my daughter asked why our elf Josie didn’t have any shoes, so the next day she showed up with these fancy boots! These boots may look fancy but they cost me less than a dollar and took only 15 minutes to make.


When Your Little One Has a Bad Day

Elf on the Shelf Bad Day Poem with Printable

Let’s face it; our kids aren’t angles EVERY day. Every once in a while we come across tantrums, melt downs, or bad behavior.  You can print out this free printable poem from Santa for your elf to deliver the day after said melt down. 


No Naked Elves Allowed

No Sew Elf on the Shelf Skirt

This was one of the first crafts I have ever made for the elf. It cost me $1.00. I had Josie show up one day with this new skirt. I had the scrap pieces of felt out and scissors next to her so it looked like she made it herself.


Because Elves Need a Good Rest Too

Elf on the Shelf Sleeping Bag

Over the years our elf has gotten sick, has taken a nap in a Barbie bed, and has gone camping. This year I thought it was time for a sleeping bag. This is another inexpensive craft that costs about $2.00.

Elf on the Shelf Sleeping Bag

For the Elf Who Loves to Cook

Elf on the Shelf DIY Cooking Apron

Our elf has been found MANY times in the kitchen.  This year I made her a cooking apron to go along with her antics. This is another super quick and easy no sew craft that costs about $5.00 with supplies left over.

Elf on the Shelf Cooking Apron

It’s Chilly at the North Pole!

Elf on the Shelf No Sew Scarf

I made this little scarf out of felt scraps. After all, it’s cold at the North Pole! You can make it too in about 3 minutes and for less than $1.00.

Elf on the Shelf Scarf -Elf Clothes

Here is another scarf idea. Check out this video tutorial.

I repeat. No Naked Elves Allowed

Elf on the Shelf DIY Ribbon Tutu

This one didn’t cost me anything either, because I used Christmas ribbon I already had, BUT if you don’t have any, the dollar ribbon bins at your local craft store are perfect for this.  Pick 3 or 4 of your favorites, grab a pair of scissors and make this skirt for less than $5.00 with extra ribbon left over for other things.

Elf on the Shelf Ribbon Tutu

Here is a video of some of my ideas. Enjoy!

Cheap Elf on the Shelf Crafts with Tutorials DIY Inspired

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  1. These are absolutely adorable!!!! U have been wanting to get out elf clothes and always forget or see how expensive they are. Anyway I think these are great ideas and very easy and inexpensive.

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