Glittered Candy Corn Mason Jar


How to Make a Glittered Candy Corn Mason Jar with Perfect Paint Lines

Jars are one of my favorite things to upcycle because they are free, that is, if you buy the sauce. This is why I thought about making this Candy Corn Mason Jar. I have upcycled so many Mason jars like:

The candy corn candies were my inspiration for this project. 

Candy Corn Glittered Mason Jar DIY

Even though I don’t care to eat them, I always thought that there was something whimsical about the colors.  It reminds me of Halloween, but it’s not scary or frightening.  So, I decided to make a glittered candy corn Mason jar.

Here’s What You Need for this Candy Corn Mason Jar

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glittered-candy-corn-mason-jar (3)


Getting Perfect Lines

Start with the center orange stripe to save time.  I knew once that the orange was dry; I would be able to apply both the gold and white without waiting for one to dry.  Using painter’s tape, I taped of my center stripe and then covered the entire center with glue using the paint brush. I sprinkled the glitter all the way around the jar.  Tap off the excess glitter and put it back in your container.

Glitter Craft Idea with Mason Jars

While the glue was still wet, I pulled off the painter’s tape. I allowed it to dry completely.

Crafting with Glitter

Next, I taped off the lower half of the orange stripe to begin glittering the gold stripe using the same technique above.

glittered-candy-corn-mason-jar (7)

Remove the tape while it is still wet.

How to Use Glittered Spray Paint

Repeat the process for the final white stripe.

Using Painter's Tape for Perfect Lines

Straight Lines with Spray Paint


Once the glue was dry, I gave the vase a light tap over the garbage can to remove any excess glitter. Then, I added water and fresh flowers!

glittered-candy-corn-mason-jar (10)


I loved how it turned out.  I think these would make a great homemade hostess gift during all those parties over the holidays!

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