Glittered Pinecones



My daughter likes to pick the pinecones off the ground when we go to the park.  We decided to collect and keep them this time around and get DIYInspired. We like to pick the “ugly” unwanted ones that are already on the ground; pinecones that have not yet bloomed.  After you keep them for a few days, they open up and spread their pinecone wings.

The easiest thing to do was, of course, glitter them!  After they bloomed, we washed them off (to make sure there were no hidden stowaways), let them air dry, and glittered the tips in white, silver, and blue. I used Mod Podge and a paint brush because I always have those two things handy in my craft room!

We filled two vases (the free ones you get with flowers) and displayed them in the guest room. We saved a few of them to add ribbon and hang on our tree this year.

Here’s a quick picture tutorial, even though this project speaks for itself, because hey everyone loves pictures!

Tip: Keep several paper or Styrofoam plates handy.

Click here for more tips for glittering.

Consider painting or glittering pinecones vibrant bright colors and display them in a glass vase.


Attach a pretty ribbon and hang them from a window.



Make a pinecone garland for your mantel.


Make cute place card holders for a dinner party or wedding.





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