Halloween Decorating with Skeletons

How to Make an Easy Skull Wreath plus Halloween Decorating with Skeletons

Every year we say we are “going big” with our outdoor Halloween décor and it never happens.  This year, we didn’t exactly “go big” but I did put in some effort.

Today I am sharing:

  • How to make an easy glitter skull wreath with foam bones
  • How we had some fun with pose-able skeletons
  • Hilarious Skeleton Decorating Ideas Outside
  • Skeleton Decorating Ideas Inside

Decorating with Skeletons Ideas

How to Make a Skull Wreath

Note: Some of the links I share on both materials lists are affiliate links of materials I use and recommend.



First, cover your workspace with newspaper and glitter the skull. I only glittered the front half of these skulls because I thought it looked neat to be half bone and half glitter. I used a foam paint brush to paint on Mod Podge and then sprinkled gold glitter and let it dry.


While the glue dries, wrap the wire wreath with ribbon use floral wire to tie the ribbon to the wreath when you first attach it. Wrap the entire wreath and then tuck the other end into a fold in the back.


Attach foam bones and skulls with floral wire.  I used a wooden BBQ skewer to poke holes in the back of the skulls to feed the wire through and attach it to the wire frame.

I made two and hung them on my front gates. Last year I made these two Recycled Plastic Trash Bag Wreaths.

Decorating with Skeletons Outside


This materials list contains affiliate links to recommended products I use.



Funny Poseable Skeleton Ideas

I have seen some pretty cool ideas online using these poseable skeletons for outdoor decorations. Some ideas I have seen are:

  • Skeletons sitting on haybales having a campfire party
  • Bride and groom scene
  • Thieves helping each other climb the side of the house and roof
  • A Group have a party on the front porch
  • Man walking his dog
  • Friends side by side sitting and wearing top hats and holding canes
  • A woman or man riding a bike
  • Pallbearers carrying a casket
  • Guy mowing the lawn with a lawnmower

If you like Scary Halloween decorations, check these out.

Here are some hilarious ideas if your skeletons like to “party”.

Keg Stand Skeletons DIY

Partying Skeletons for Halloween DIY

Best Skeleton Decorating Ideas DIY

Funny Skeleton Ideas DIY

The secret to helping you pose the skeletons are zip ties. Depending on how you choose to pose them, zip ties made this so quick and easy. I used them to tie the hands and feet together around a tree and hands around the gate.

Here are more photos from over the years.

Car Skeleton Decorating Idea

Using Skeletons for Halloween

Funny Skeleton Posing Ideas

Hilarious Skeleton Decorations

Skeleton Posing Ideas

Best Halloween Skeletons

Decorating with Skeletons Inside

Don’t forget to decorate with skeletons inside the house! It’s always fun to add them to your screen porch or dining room table.

Decorating with Skeletons Ideas

Halloween Skeletons Decorating Ideas

I hope you like my Halloween Decorating with Skeletons ideas!

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This article has been updated and improved from September 2019.

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