You’ve Been BOOed Idea with Printables

You’ve Been BOOed Tradition with FREE Printable Download

We have the best neighbors. The other day, they BOOed us by leaving an amazing basket filled with Halloween goodies for my family.  They of course were anonymous; however, I knew who it was! I cheated and decided to make this You’ve Been BOOed idea with printables to share.  The gift basket theme I chose was family game night.

You’ve Been BOOed Tradition

If you are not familiar with the You’ve Been BOOed tradition, it goes like this. First, if you start it, you make two baskets or bags of Halloween treats. With the basket you leave a “We’ve Been BOOed” sign as well as instructions for your unsuspecting neighbor. Next, you secretly leave the basket on their doorstep.  When they find it, they enjoy their treats and place the “We’ve Been BOOed” sign on their front door. Then, they make two gifts and pay it forward to two new neighbors who have not yet been BOOed (aka don’t have a sign).  The idea is to have the whole neighborhood receive surprise treats by Halloween night.

Family Game Night Theme

I made a Family Game Night basket filled with games, snacks, drinks, scoring pad, and pen.  First, I made little printables to attach to the basket to make it a little more festive. Next, for the banner, I cut out the letters and hot glued them to rope, then glued the ends of the rope around straws.  Lastly, I used washi tape to attach the straws to the sides of some boxes that I arranged.


This basket, I must admit, is a little more elaborate than the traditional gifts.  I just wanted to do something extra special for my amazing neighbors. Here are some close ups. I punched holes in the printable tags and tied them on with twine.



You can get your FREE printables here:

You’ve Been BOOed Printables

Family Game Night Printables

Other You’ve Been BOOed Ideas

Keep in mind that small handmade gifts or homemade treats are also great! You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Plate of homemade brownies
  • Small treat bag of candy
  • Pencils, pens, or markers
  • Cookies in a Jar
  • Gift card to a local restaurant or ice cream shop
  • Fruit
  • Small toy
  • $5 Starbucks Gift Card
  • Check the dollar bins at Target! They always have great Halloween themed treats for just a few dollars!

I hope you like it and start the tradition in your neighborhood!

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