Junk Turned DIY Laundry Basket


Trash to Treasure

One thing that I’ve missed since moving is a place to put our dirty clothes.   So, when I was looking through some recent “found” items, I saw a laundry basket in the making.  Here’s what I saw…

Trash to Treasure Junking

The first order of business was to wash all the plastic pieces.  Plain dish soap wouldn’t remove all the grime, so I ended up with a strong solution of half dish soap and half ammonia.

Trash to Treasure Clean

Next, the basket needed to be painted with a couple of coats of white spray paint.

Upcycled Wire Basket

Then it was time to spray the plastic pieces.  I sprayed them with red paint and after allowing them to dry completely; two holes were drilled in the plastic so I could have a way to attach them to the basket…

Trash to Treasure Drill

I splatter painted both pieces with white paint using a paint brush with a little paint on it and hit it against my hand to get the drops of paint on the plastic…

Trash to Treasure Paint

After the white paint dried it was time to attach the panels to the basket.  Using a small gauge wire, I attached the plastic panels to the baskets.  The wire is secured at the back, but isn’t even noticeable from the front.

Trash to Treasure DIY

Here’s the finished product….

Trash to Treasure DIY Laundry Basket

I love that we have a place for our dirty clothes now, but better yet, I love that this cute basket came from what others might have seen as trash.  Those original pieces of trash are now my new laundry room treasure.

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