Repurposed Rake Turned Dog Leash Holder

Trash to Treasure: Repurposed Rake Turned Dog Leash Holder

Repurposed Rake Turned Leash Holder

Recently I had an opportunity to go back to our friend’s property where I have been finding some rusty treasures.  Here’s the beautiful pastoral setting…


Here’s some of my latest finds:

Junk-Trash to Treasure

Doesn’t look like much to others, but to me, treasures!  The first project I wanted to do was to find a place to keep all our dogs’ leashes and collars organized.  We have four dogs so we have quite a few leashes piled at the front door…


I used the head of an old rake to make a hanging organizer.  Here’s the rake coated with dirt and rust…

Old Rake

First, a good washing with some Comet using lots of elbow grease…

Repurposed Rake Makeover

Next, sanding by hand and with an electric sander to smooth out the metal…

Upcycled Rake

Next, a couple of coats of spray paint; I used metallic black satin to give it some sheen…

Repurposed Rake

And here’s the finished product…

Repurposed Rake Turned Lease Holder DIY Inspired

The leashes and collars are hung up on a wall behind a door, out of the way.  This trash to treasure project was a very practical one, because it’s one that is going to save us lots of time when we’re ready to take the dogs and “go”.  As dog lovers know, once the dogs know it’s time to “go”, you don’t want to keep them waiting!

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Repurposed Rake Turned Lease Holder DIY Inspired Before and After

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