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Learn to Decoupage With these Tips and Materials List

Decoupage is a simple and easy to learn DIY craft project. Decoupage is the creative way of decorating any item or piece of furniture or even a blank canvas by simply adhering pieces of paper with glue or decoupage medium, like (affiliate link) Mod Podge. It’s a unique way to update furniture or create a personalize a gift. Learn to decoupage with the help of this materials list plus a few rules of thumb.


Mod Podge Leather Tutorial

Learn to Decoupage: Materials Needed

  • You can purchase Mod Podge on Amazon or any craft store like Michael’s or Joann.
  • An item to decoupage such as a box, tray, or lamp; or a piece of furniture such as a table, wooden chair, or dresser;
  • Paper such as, photos, magazine cut outs, maps, sheet music, book pages, postcards, posters, wallpaper, etc.
  • A decoupage medium such as Mod Podge, or diluted Elmer’s School Glue (about 50/50 ratio of white glue and water)
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Scissors or utility knife to cut out your images (tearing paper is fine too)

Hand Sanitizer Back to School Craft with Mod Podge

Learn to Decoupage: Five Quick Tips

  • Make sure the item you choose to decoupage is clean and completely dry
  • Think outside the box, for example decoupaging wallpaper remnants onto dresser drawers
  • Apply medium to both the object and the back of the paper
  • Continue to add coats of the decoupage medium until you get the desired results
  • It usually takes about six hours for your project to dry

Mod Podge Photo Booth Props

What surfaces can you decoupage on?

The art of decoupage is great because you can use this technique on so many different types of surfaces. Here is a list of some surface types.

  • metal, tin, aluminum
  • cardboard
  • wood or MDF
  • plastic
  • terracotta and ceramic items
  • glass

Can you wash an item that is decoupaged?

You can purchase dishwasher safe Mod Podge. I’ve tried it, and it works well. One drawback is time. The cure time for it is almost a month, specifically 28 days! So, make sure you plan accordingly. Here are a few notes on it.

  • Before placing your item in the dishwasher, make sure it is cured fully.
  • Only place it on the top rack of your dishwasher.
  • If you are using it on a drinking glass, do not use it on the top rim where it touches your lip.
  • This ideal to use on glass, ceramics, wood, and metal.

Decoupage Craft Ideas

Here are some other fun decoupage ideas to get some inspiration going.

Decoupage ceramic tile video

Here’s a fun decoupage gift idea I made with ceramic tiles I found at Habitat for Humanity. It’s a fun and easy decoupage craft idea for beginners.

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Learn to Decoupage - A Beginner's Guide

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