4 Valentine’s Day Crafts Video

Watch 4 Creative and Clever Valentine’s Day Crafts

I have made dozens of tutorial videos over the past couple years and I was going through all of them. Some of them I forgot about! So I thought I’d put together some video round ups. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I’m sharing four creative and clever Valentine’s Day crafts for you to try.

  1. Stenciled LOVE Home Décor
  2. I Love You More Sign
  3. Origami Heart Interactive Message Card
  4. DIY Heart Shaped Box

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Stenciled LOVE Home Décor

I was at Michael’s and they had $2.00 grab bags and got these cute little 4 X 4 linen covered canvases that I used to make this very easy Valentine’s Day home décor for my mantel. Score! these were worth the $2.00 alone!

This is a great 15 minute craft you can do with the kids. Play around with different colors and words. You only need a few materials.

Get the full instructions and materials list: Stenciled LOVE Home Décor


I Love You More Wooden Sign

This wood DIY project was inspired by two things: 1) a project I did as a Bernzomatic Torch Bearer on how to make wood burned place card holders, and 2) some upcycled Scrabble art I have done in the past. Wood burning is a simple way to add a distressed look to wood, which was perfect for this “Love You More” Valentine’s Day sign. This handmade sign makes a great gift for a friend or loved one for Valentine’s Day.

As with the stencils, you can play around with the words to make yours custom.

Get the full instructions and materials list: I Love You More Wooden Sign


Origami Heart Greeting Card

As you know, I’m a big fan of paper crafts.  I wanted to try something new and simple so I chose to make origami hearts. After I made one, I had an idea to use them to make a handmade interactive message card.

Use a larger size to make a big origami heart.

Get the full instructions and materials list: Origami Heart Greeting Card


DIY Heart Valentine Paper Box

This project came about because I’m cheap. I wanted to give my husband a heart shaped box filled with beef jerky and his favorite chocolate but didn’t want to spend money on a box and then waste the contents inside. Plus, they are kind of pricey.  I decided to try and make one myself. The only thing I would change about this tutorial is that I would use heavier weight paper that the scrapbook paper I chose. Otherwise, this was perfect for what I wanted to achieve.

Get the full instructions and materials list: DIY Heart Valentine Paper Box

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