Craft Room Ideas


Storage and Organization Craft Room Ideas

I have updated my craft room repeatedly. Constant rearranging and reorganizing things are both fun for me. So today, I wanted to share some Storage and Organization Craft Room Ideas of my most recent and current craft room.

Let’s start with an oldie but goodie.

Cubed Shelving for Storage

I have had this unit from IKEA for years. You can buy similar ones at several different furniture stores.

Over time I have changed the inserts. They used to be cloth flimsy collapsible cubes, but then I upgraded into a combination of baskets, drawers, and cabinet doors.

Changing up the handles is a simple way to make this old unit look more updated. I bought these knobs on Wayfair. I love them and would buy them over and over again for other rooms.

Gold Knob Pulls in Craft Room

These knobs bring me to my upcycled craft storage dresser.

Upcycled Dresser Turned Craft Storage

This old (and free) dresser is great because it is lined in velvet and the drawers are narrow and shallow. I put all my craft tools in it.

How to Paint a Dresser

Here is the makeover tutorial, however I also made a video you can view below.

Large Baskets for Rolls of Paper and Gift Wrapping

Next to my dresser is a large basket that I bought from Target.

Craft Room Storage - Basket for Rolls of Paper

This is so useful for all my rolls of paper, graft wrapping, yard sticks, large stencils, and other oddly shaped craft supplies and materials. You can also used them for fabric rolls.

Craft Room Desk

I also use a basket for my trash can. It looks so much better than a regular plastic one. I keep this one under my desk.

Desk for a Craft Room

Other than the kitchen, I spend most of my time in this house at this desk. In fact, I’m typing this post at it now. Ha! And yes… my pug is usually here to keep me company.

Above the desk, you will see an old (and free) frame I got out of someone’s trash and painted it. Inside I put up wire baskets to store craft paint.

Desk in Craft Room


Craft Table

I also have section in the room with a craft table, mostly for the kids. Also, since we are now home schooling, I set up a homework station.

Craft Room Table with Stools

Craft Room Decorating Ideas

You can view all the details of this homework station in this video.

You can also watch this video on how I upcycled these stools and see the tutorial for my matching upcycled folding chair.

I hope you like all my latest craft room ideas!

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  1. Love it! You mentioned you got the desk at Ikea…do you remember the name? I am looking for something just like it!

  2. I love the blue color of this room! Could you tell me what color and brand it is? I am having a devil of a time finding just the right blue for a room I’m redoing and think this would be perfect!

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thank you! I can’t take the credit for it. This room is the ONLY room in the house I haven’t painted since we moved it. The owner’s before have great taste 🙂 I checked the left over paint they left in the garage and it wasn’t there. Sorry I couldn’t help!

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