Paper Record Player Printable

Paper Record Player Printable and DIY Record Album Cards

These little printable paper record player boxes were inspired by my hubby and his love for music. Five Year’s ago it was his idea to start Friday Night Dance Parties in our living room and kitchen. Sometimes we play a record from his collection and sometimes we let Alexa DJ. Print these little boxes from my Etsy shop to hold a gift card for the music lover in your life or fill it with some special notes to give for a birthday.

Use this box card as a:

  • Thank You card
  • Anniversary card
  • Birthday card
  • Retirement gift
  • Father’s Day card
  • Mother’s Day card
  • Music Teacher gift
  • Valentine

As a bonus idea, my 3 year old thought it was a good idea to use these for her Barbie doll! Ha!

For my husband’s birthday, I’m going to print out mini record albums of his favorite bands and have our daughter’s write notes on the back of them.

Get the on Paper Record Player Etsy

Get the Instant Download here: Paper Record Player Printable

Print, cut, fold, and tape these cute record player boxes. Comes in three colors, gray, pink, and turquoise. They are the perfect size to place a gift card inside. You can also fill it with special notes to the recipient for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary.

Printable Record Player Card Etsy

Record Player Template Folding

Paper Record Player Printables

I recommend printing on heavier weight paper like card stock or brochure paper, but regular printer paper works well too.

Cut along the outer edges of the box template. Next, fold all sides and flaps. You will need tape or glue to secure the box flaps together. I made the printable so that it will naturally close and stay shut once the flap is down.

Note: This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD file from my Etsy shop, no physical products will be shipped to you.

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Making the Record Albums

I went the extra step for my hubby’s birthday this year and made mini album covers to put on the inside. My two daughters and I wrote little notes on the back. These albums do not come with the printable, but let me show you how I made them.

Mini Record Player with Album Cover Notes

Here I how I made them:

  1. Use Google Images to search for the album covers you want and save the image onto your computer.
  2. Resize them to 2.2” X 2.2” in a Word document and print them on heavy paper like card stock or brochure paper.
  3. Cut them out and write a note on the back.
  4. Place them inside the paper record player box.

What to Write on the Note Cards

My family and I wrote our own special notes but here are a few other ideas:

  • Lyrics from your favorite songs on the album
  • Quotes from from the artist
  • Funny jokes
  • Inside jokes
  • Draw pictures
  • Tape a small photo of the corresponding concert you attended together

Personalize it as you wish. The possibilities are endless!

Watch the Video Tutorial

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