Easy DIY Invitations


Easy DIY Invitations for Any Occasion

These bridal shower invitations in a jiffy. If you are a fellow Crafter, you probably already have these items in your craft closet.  These easy DIY invitations are perfect for any party, and cost less than pre-packaged invites. Keep scrolling for more easy DIY invitation ideas.

Materials Needed:

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Easy DIY Invitations DIY Inspired

Easy Instructions

  1. Start by choosing the wording for your invites and type up the information in the desired font, style, and color on your computer.  Print it on a lightweight paper and cut it out.  The size of this information page should be 3.5” by 5.5”.
  2. Prepare the rest of the paper by cutting out 4” X 6” base card stock for the bottom piece and 4” X 1” strips for the top strip. Three sheets of scrapbook paper will be needed for the bottom layer in order to make 24 invitations.  One sheet of scrapbook paper will be needed for the top strip.
  3. To make 24 invites, cut 24 pieces of ribbon at 12” in length.
  4. Create an assembly line. Layer the card in the following order below, and then adhere with double sided tape.
    1. 4 X 6 card
    2. 3.5 X 5.5 info sheet
    3. 4 X 1 strip in the desired position
  5. Using a small hole punch, punch two holes approximately one inch apart in the top center of the invitation, thread a ribbon through the holes, and tie a bow.

Here is an example of a similar invitation using the steps above.

Easy DIY Invitations - Baby Blue

Using FREE Apps to Create your own Designs

There are two great sources we use all the time to make our own invitations.

  1. iPiccy.com – This is a free website that is very user friendly. You can start from scratch or edit a photo.
  2. Adobe Express – This free app has many templates you can choose from and alter right from your phone.

Shown below is a Super Hero Party invitation and a Fortnite Party Invitation done with iPiccy for free.

DIY Superhero Invitations

Fortnite Birthday Party Invitations

Tips for Making Your Own invitations

  • There are several websites online with wording samples for any occasion if you get stuck!
  • To save time, wrap your ribbon around a twelve inch ruler and snip each end.
  • Consider using vellum paper to print the invitation on.
  • Choose any color and pattern to fit your party theme.

I hope you like these shortcut for easy invitations.

Easy DIY Invitations - Baby Blue

More DIY Invitation Ideas

If you want to get really creative, here is a fun DIY invitation using boxes and craft butterflies. These DIY Butterfly Invitations were hand delivered.

Butterfly Birthday Party Invitation in a Box

Need an Envelope?

Here is an easy way to make an envelope using scrapbook paper and a circle punch!

Other Easy DIY Invitation Ideas

Here are a few other invitations you can do with scrapbook paper and a few craft supplies.


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