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Quick and Easy DIY Scrabble Art Ideas

Here are some fun craft ideas inspired by the game, Scrabble… Scrabble Art, we like to call it. It’s so popular that you can find tiles at thrift stores, flea markets, and swap meets. Use your creativity to come up with all kinds of projects.

Make your own Giant Scrabble Tiles

First, let me share how you can make your own giant version of Scrabble. A friend asked us to make this Scrabble Tile Wall Art for her and it was so fun making them. All you need is:

  • Wood
  • Stain
  • Stencils
  • Paint

Click on the link and watch the video for full details and materials list.

Scrabble Tile Wall Art - DIY Inspired

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Use Scrabble Tiles for Party Decorations

Do you have family game night? Here are some fun ideas. Use Scrabble tiles as decorations or make your own Scrabble inspired birthday banner.

To make the banner, use a Word document to change the font and size for capital letter and numbers. Print and cut out letters on brown card stock. You can adjust the size to whatever you need for your event.

Game Night Ideas including Party Décor, Easy DIY’s, and Food Ideas for a Birthday Party

Game Night Ideas including Party Décor, Easy DIY’s, and Food Ideas for a Birthday Party

Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments

Make your own personalized Christmas ornaments from old Scrabble tiles. This is a fun activity to do with the entire family during Christmas time. You can also turn them into gift tags.

All you need is:

  • Colorful card stock
  • Glue
  • Scrabble Tiles



Framed Scrabble Art for a Guest Room

We’ve seen a lot of Scrabble craft projects like ornaments, key chains, and jewelry on Pinterest and Etsy, which gave us inspiration to do this project.  We had an extra old Scrabble game sitting all alone in our closet ever since we got the Scrabble Diamond Addition! We made this Scrabble art piece for a guest room.  Use an 8X10 frame to fit the words, welcome, sleep, trip, dreamers, travel, guests, and getaway from the tiles of one Scrabble game. Make sure you lay out your words to ensure proper fit into the frame.

Use hot glue to affix the letters on decorative scrapbook paper to match the colors of the guest room. Insert it into an inexpensive wooden frame like this one from IKEA . We used leftover paint from another DIY project.

This would make a great DIY gift as well!  Consider making one with themed words for other rooms in the house like a kitchen, bathroom, playroom, or game room.

Other Scrabble Tile Craft Ideas

  1. Turn them into a personalized key chain.
  2. Make jewelry with them.
  3. Use them to make name cards for a dinner setting.
  4. Line up 16 tiles in rows of 4 on a piece of cork to make coasters.
  5. Turn them into wine charms.
  6. Use them on top of craft sticks to make garden markers.
  7. Glue them onto painted clothespins for your office or craft room.
  8. Glue them to napkin rings.
  9. Make magnets with them.
  10. Use industrial strength glue them to flat push pins.
  11. Use them to decorate a picture frame.
  12. Spell out “welcome” and glue them on a wreath.
  13. Turn them into cuff links.
  14. Make a Scrabble tile banner for the top of a birthday cake.

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Over a Dozen Scrabble Craft Ideas


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