Repurposed Pallet Porch Bench


Trash to Treasure: Repurposed Pallet Porch Bench


Our porch has a new bench!  We are experiencing a phenomenon here in the south to one, have a porch, and two, to actually sit on the porch!  Never experienced this as a native Californian!  I love this tradition.  Only problem was we had nothing to sit on.  Enter a pallet we had sitting in our basement. 

Repurposed Pallet

The pallet was cut in half horizontally.  The short pieces of wood cut off from the bottom half were added back onto the top half to make a solid piece of wood.

Repurposed Pallet Porch Bench DIY Idea

Pallet wood is extremely rough.  It took a lot of sanding to achieve a nice smooth finish for the wood.  The top was finished, except for a coat of paint.  The base became two boxes my husband wasn’t using for the pigeons’ nesting boxes.

Trah to Treasure Pallet Bench

I only painted three sides of the boxes since the back and top would not be in view.  I also painted the top and sides of the seat, but not the underside.

Repurposed Pallet Bench

Here’s the bench before the cushion was added. I found a cushion at L.L. Bean that fit the size of the bench, 3 ½’ X 18”.  It finishes the bench perfectly.  You might recognize the pallet flag I made last year in the background.

Repurposed Pallet Porch Bench DIY

Here’s the bench with the pad.  The red side table is an old metal battery box I painted.  The metal flower holder on top of the table is an old corn husker circa the 1920s. 

Upcycled Pallet Porch Bench

Here’s the porch with my projects, the axe welcome sign, the wheelbarrow address sign, the pallet flag in the background and now the new pallet bench.  You can see two stevia plants soaking up the sun too!  Happy porch sitting is on its way!

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Repurposed Pallet Porch Bench - DIY Inspired

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  1. Hi, T
    This is truly motivating. I had seen numerous establishments from reused materials, yet this is a magnificent one. I was searching on internet to recycle our old furniture and had seen many methods. The way you embraced is truly commendable one..This bench is having a very good finish and nice look. Thanks for sharing such interesting things to us. I was searching for good ideas about how to repurpose old furniture after reading the article.
    You showed us a nice way how to do this cool work. Anyway, on these retirement days we guys have to try these kinds of interesting things. Hope I can make it like you did

    1. Boris,
      Thank you for writing and the kind words! Think outside the box when looking at repurposing the furniture. For instance, an old dresser, with the drawers removed can become a useful seat. The drawers, with a divider added, can become a book shelf, individual or together a nice wall unit. Have fun, and let me know how you do!


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