Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas

Clever Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas for School

My daughter is in first grade now and this was the first year we could experience trunk or treat. All I can say is that we are SOOO participating next year. Trunk or Treat is right up my ally!  I thought I’d share the awesome trunk or treat decorating ideas we saw this year.

Starting with one of my favorites.  This one was inspired by classic cartoon, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.


Here is one with a Ghostbusters theme.  The kids all dressed up as the Ghostbusters and passed out candy.


Another one and very clever one inspired by pop culture had a Nightmare Before Christmas theme.  PVC pipes and trash bags formed two tunnels.  One to Christmas Town and one to Halloween town.  The kids could choose which side to go through. It was also complete with a life-sized casket that the kids could step into.




I loved the interactive trunk or treat ideas with games like this graveyard football toss trunk and this Hawaiian Luau theme with a flamingo ring toss game.



There were two trunks that were transformed into giant mouths.  One a three-eyed monster and the other with a shark with a boogie boarder hanging out of it.



This idea is simple but clever and takes just seconds to decorate!


A few trunks took a traditional route and had spooky decorations with spiders, cobwebs, skeletons, and even a Halloween apothecary.





Now, the question is…what will MY theme be next year????

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