Elf on the Shelf Ideas Printable Cheat Sheet

Download an Elf on the Shelf Ideas Printable Cheat Sheet

I made this Elf on the Shelf ideas printable cheat sheet for four reasons:

  1. I know that there are a lot of very busy parents that like to keep up with this tradition for their kiddos
  2. I know there are a lot of veteran EOTS parents that need some quick ideas or a little inspiration sometimes
  3. I know that there are some parents that want to start this tradition and need a little help, and
  4. I NEED IT this year! 

I know my obsession with Josie our elf is a little crazy. I mean come on, I’ve made elf clothes including a kitchen apron, frilly skirt, winter scarf, and lace boots! I’ve even made accessories like a messenger bag and sleeping bag.  But this year, with a new baby, I feel like I’ll need this handy dandy cheat sheet myself so I’m keeping one in my purse and one in my husband’s wallet. I figured if I thought of the ideas ahead of time I’d be better off.

30 Days of Ideas

In case you don’t want to print out this cheat sheet and just need some quick ideas. Here is the list!  I hope it helps!

Day 1: Print this “I’m Back” poem or write a poem and place it with the elf along with a couple of treats.

Day 2: Have the elf sit on the table with a box or cereal, bowl, and spoon ready for breakfast.

Day 3: Pop some popcorn or get a small bag of chips and place the elf facing the TV with a remote.

Day 4: Place the Elf in the pantry hiding in between food boxes and cans.

Day 5: Place the elf on the stove top in a saucepan and fill it with marshmallows for a bath.

Day 6: Have the elf lay on a dish towel by a window and place sunglasses on his face like he is sunbathing.

Day 7: Place the elf by the kitchen sink with a sponge and dish soap ready to help with the dishes.

Day 8: Have the elf in the candy jar or dish with a lollipop or piece of candy and empty candy wrapper next to it.

Day 9: Have the elf sliding down the stair rail or down a chair leg.

Day 10: Place the elf in one of the kids toys like a car or doll bed.

Day 11: Have the elf write a “naughty and nice list” with friends from school on the nice list, and Scrooge, the Grinch, and others were on the naughty list.

Day 12: Have the elf hide a small present under the Christmas tree.

Day 13: Place the elf and two small toys around a tea light with toothpicks and mini marshmallows like they are roasting marshmallows by a fire.

Day 14: Use cookie cutters and have the elf make Playdoh cookies on the kitchen table.

Day 15: Have the elf make a sculpture by stacking Christmas cards on a table or on the floor.

Day 16: Have the elf read a small book to some stuffed animals, Lego people, or dolls.

Day 17: Bundle up the elf in a dish towel and hide her in the refrigerator.

Day 18: Have your elf make a large pyramid with plastic cups.

Day 19: Have the elf with a dust pan on the floor cleaning up dirt or under the tree cleaning up pine needles.

Day 20: Have the elf hide in a wreath or inside the Christmas tree.

Day 21: Play dress up and place the elf on the bathroom counter with a bow, hand mirror, and brush.

Day 22: Have the elf “make a craft” by placing it next to some scissors, paper, crayons, glue stick, etc.

Day 23: Place the elf near the coffee maker or teapot with a mug, spoon, and coffee or tea.

Day 24: Open up a board game or cards and have the elf play a game with other toys, dolls, or stuffed animals.

Day 25: Have the elf fix a toy by opening up the battery compartment and placing new batteries in the elf’s lap.

Day 26: Place the elf near a CD player or MP3 player with some headphones.

Day 27: Hide the elf in a shoe closet and tie several mismatched shoes together.

Day 28: Put the elf on top of the dryer next to folded laundry. Place a sock on his head and a fabric softener sheet in hand.

Day 29: Stack a bunch of throw pillows in the living room and have the elf sitting on top.

Day 30: Have the elf hide in a stocking perhaps with a special treat or small gift for the last day.

Get the Printable from Etsy

That’s it!  Now for the printable from my Etsy shop…

Elf on the Shelf Ideas Printable Cheat Sheet

There are two, just cut them and fold them and place them in your purse and one somewhere else in case you forget your purse in the car, or upstairs, or downstairs, or whatever! I hope you find this helpful!



More of my Elf on the Shelf ideas in years past…

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