Recycled Jar Pumpkin Lantern


I took my daughter to the library last week for the Junior Explorer’s Book Club.  In it they made these adorable recycled jar pumpkin lanterns.  The kids enjoyed it so much that I just HAD to share it.  I think this kid’s Halloween craft is great for all ages but this class were ages 6-8 and it was perfect.  Here is how they made them.

Time: 20-30 Minutes



This was a free for all. Give each child the paint color of their choice in a small paper cup, a paint brush, a small piece of black paper, a pair of scissors, and a jar.

Instruct them to paint the inside of the jar. Acrylic craft paint will dry quickly. If they want, they can paint the lid. Let them cut out their own shapes for eyes, noses, mouths and let them glue them on to the outside of the jar.


If they would like, you can make a half and half jar. For example, paint one side white and the other side orange for a half ghost half pumpkin lantern.

Once the paint is dry they can insert the battery-operated tea light.

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