Upcycled Thrift Store Succulent Pot

Upcycled Thrift Store Succulent Pot was originally written for my old blog, that I had to say farewell to.


When I went thrift store shopping the other day, I found this lonely metal bowl with wooden handles.  I couldn’t resist this $3.00 thrift store find and had to get it.  I knew immediately that I wanted to turn it into an upcycled thrift store succulent pot.


I wanted to buy a succulent because of two reasons: 1) I do not have a green thumb and 2) succulents seem to be indestructible!

My daughter came with me when we picked them out.  She kept saying, “mommy, they are so cute!” and kept petting them gently on top.  We chose this cute little guy for our thrift store pot.


And of course we couldn’t buy just one so we bought three slightly larger ones to fit in these green pots that match our kitchen herb garden we planted.


Here are a couple of tips when caring for succulents:

  1. They prefer lots of light. Indoor succulents should be placed near a window.
  2. Water them generously in warmer weather (spring and summer).
  3. Allow the soil to dry in between watering them.
  4. In colder weather, they can be watered less.
  5. Do not fertilize them during the winter months.

Mia is so excited that she is now thinking of names for the four plants.  I told her we need to take care of them like Pablo our Chihuahua and Harley our pug. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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