Gabby’s Dollhouse Party Ideas

Sprinkle Party and Gabby’s Dollhouse Party Ideas

When my daughter asked me for a Gabby’s Dollhouse party for her 5th birthday I had no idea what she was talking about. Turns out, it is a new and

adorable Netflix original series. Google was able to jog my memory as I recall Nala singing about a Sprinkle Party one or 1500 times. Google did not come through, however, when I tried to find Gabby’s Dollhouse party ideas or party supplies online, so I had to make my own. I posted a TikTok video during making these and quickly it became my most popular TikTok thus far.

Gabbys Dollhouse Party Ideas - DIY Inspired

Here are a few ideas and tips and tricks that you can apply to any themed party if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Watch the Gabby’s Dollhouse Party Ideas Video

First, here’s a quick video of the party.

Tip #1: Pick a Color Theme

For Gabby’s Dollhouse, I decided on a pastel spring color palette. It makes it easy to style a party with a few colors in mind. It led me to buying the felt flower garland, cat ear headbands, and sprinkle noise makers.  I bought the garland and cat ear headbands at Target and the noise makers at Five Below.  Sticking to a color palette will give your party a natural cohesiveness.

Felt Flower Party Garland - DIY Inspired

Pastel Cat Headband Party Favors

Tip #2: Use Scrapbook Paper

I gathered all the matching colored and patterned scrapbook I had and didn’t even have to buy anything new. I used it to:

  • Cover the Kit Kat bar party favors.
  • Cover the water bottle labels.
  • Hide the ugly existing labels on some bubbles.

Gabbys Dollhouse Party Favor Idea

Gabbys Dollhouse Water Bottles

Bubble Party Favors with Scrapbook Paper


Tip #3: Use Google Images and Search “Gabby’s Dollhouse”

Here is how I made the character circles for the favors, cupcake toppers, and cake toppers.

  1. Google the image you want and add “transparent” to the end of your phrase. For example, “Gabby’s Dollhouse Cakey Transparent”. Save the images onto your computer.
  2. Use a free editing software like, com or equivalent (there are a ton of them!) and add your image to a circle n the color of your choice. Save those images.
  3. Print and resize them as needed. I made mine the size of my craft circle punches so that they ere easy to cut out.
  4. Glue the circles on the cake toppers, toothpicks for cupcake toppers, or on scrapbook paper to cover the candy bars.

You can also use and print photos from Google for signs or water labels, like I did.

Gabbys Dollhouse Party Blowers

Gabbys Dollhouse Cupcake Toppers

Sprinkle Party Cupcakes

Gabbys Dollhouse Cake Topper

I also made treats for my daughter to take into school. I also used to make the favor tags with Nala’s name on it.

Gabbys Dollhouse Class Party Favors

Here are a couple more pictures.

Sprinkle Party Birthday Cake

5th Birthday Party Ideas


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