Villains Birthday Party

Villains Birthday Party Ideas

Almost one year ago today, I shared one of my best friend’s daughter’s birthday parties. She did an amazing job on a Frozen themed birthday party. Her party favors were a hit on Pinterest. Today, I have the honor of sharing a Villains Birthday Party she did for her daughter’s 7th birthday this year.

She welcomed the guests with a sign that said, “Welcome to Leilani’s villainous 7th birthday. Come in for a spell.”

Villain Birthday Party Welcome Sign

Just like her life sized Elsa and Olaf last year, she made Maleficent and Ursula. I LOVE the Ursula one!

Villain Birthday Party Maleficent

Villain Birthday Party Ursula

The food spread was very cute and clever. She printed out food labels with pictures of each villain. The menu consisted of…

Darla’s Dead Fish (Goldfish and Swedish Fish) from Finding Nemo

Villain Birthday Party Darlas Dead Fish

Hopper’s Seeds (trail mix) from Bugs Life

Villain Birthday Party Hoppers Seeds

Cruella’s Dalmation Chocolate Chip Cookies from 101 Dalmatians

Villain Birthday Party Dalmation Cookies

Scar’s Prey (meat dish) from Lion King

Villain Birthday Party Sars Prey

Sid’s Planet Pizza from Toy Story

Villain Birthday Party Sids Planet Pizza

Lotso’s Strawberries from Toy Story 3

Villain Birthday Party-Lotsos Strawberries

The Wicked Queen’s Poison Apples (Caramel Apples) from Snow White

Villain Birthday Party-Wicked Queens Poison Apples

Rhiannon also makes beautiful cakes and cupcakes.  Check out these villainous spread! You can see more of her cake designs on her Facebook page Have Your Cake. If you stop by, tell her you saw her fabulous party on DIY Inspired!

Villains Birthday Party Cupcakes

Thank you, Rhi! Love you and miss you and always thinking about you!

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  1. Love your ideas! This year I threw a Disney villains Halloween bash. It was so much fun to create! Love your cupcake toppers! To see pics from my ‘villainous’ party go to under Halloween /Villains party by Tish K. THANKS FOR THIS POST!

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