Guacamole and Taco Puns and Printables

Cute Guacamole and Taco Puns and Printables for Fiesta Fun!

You can’t have peanut butter without jelly, wine without cheese, and you can’t have a fiesta without chips and guac! Whether you’re hosting a taco Tuesday party or celebrating a holiday like Cinco de Mayo, guacamole should be one of the main staples on your food table. Guac is super easy to make in a matter of minutes too — all you need are some avocados, lime juice, cilantro, onion and salt and mash them together. It’s also an extremely versatile dip that you can get creative with. If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding in fire roasted corn with cotija cheese, or pomegranate seeds for a citrusy twist.


Just like a Chili Cook-Off, a Guacamole Cook-Off is a great option for a holiday party.

Guacamole and Taco Puns and Printables

Guacamole Cook – Off

For your next fiesta, encourage your guests to bring their own take on guacamole for a cook-off! Not only will that mean more food (who doesn’t want that?), but it can be a fun activity for everyone to participate in. Hola created these printable guacamole voting cards that you can hand out to guests after everyone has done a taste test and vote for the winner! You can even make it an annual tradition and see how people improve upon their recipes year after year. Be sure to stock up on tortilla chips, or ask attendees to bring their favorite to accompany their guac. Don’t forget to treat everyone to a few Cinco de Mayo cocktails to make your fiesta unforgettable!

Get the Printable Here: Guacamole Voting Score Cards

Mexican Fiesta Decor

If you’re in need of decor to bring your Mexican fiesta to life, there are plenty of DIY projects you can create for a festive look. Go for brightly colored streamers and paper flowers for a lively look. You’ll find many fiesta-themed parties feature fringe, perforated paper banners, succulents and flowers, and even pinatas for part of the fun.

Here are some of my favorites.

I've Got a Bad Queso Loving You Printable

Chip Chip Hooray - Cinco de Mayo Printable

Avocato - Guacamole Printable

You can also use these adorable guacamole and Mexican food puns as table decoration. Head to your local dollar store to pick up some affordable frames, print out the pun cards, and voila! Simple and affordable decor. Here are a few of the puns that the Hola team came up with:

  • Let’s guac and roll!
  • You guac my world
  • Let’s avocuddle
  • I’ve got a bad queso loving you
  • I love you elote
  • Let’s taco ‘bout how cute you are

Get the Printables Here: Guacamole and Taco Puns and Printables

These printable cards would also work great as invitations for your fiesta and are sure to crack a smile on anyone’s face when they read it.

With these party ideas and printables, your next fiesta is sure to be a hit with all of your friends. Stock up on the chips, margaritas, and of course some guacamole and get ready for a festive and fun party!

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