Lilo and Stitch Trick or Treat Pails

Scrump and 626: Lilo and Stitch Trick or Treat Pails

You KNOW I love a good plastic pumpkin transformation. To complete our Lilo and Stitch inspired Family Halloween Costumes, I made these adorable Scrump and 626 Lilo and Stitch Trick or Treat Pails to go with my daughter’s Halloween costumes this year.

DIY Lilo and Scrump Halloween Costume

Stitch 626 Trick or Treat Pail DIY

I did do a full YouTube video. So, watch the video and then keep scrolling for the list of materials and full detailed instructions.

Paper Mache Plastic Pumpkins

As I have shown in the past with the Dia de los Muertos trick or treat pail I made, you have to Paper Mache the pumpkins first.

Paper Mache Pumpkin


  • Plastic Trick or Treat Pails
  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • White Glue
  • Bowls
  • Paper Towels


  1. Cut the newspaper into strips.
  2. In a bowl, mix 50/50 water and white glue. This doesn’t have to be exact.
  3. After cutting the handles off of the pumpkins, dip the strips into the mixture, squeeze excess, and place each strip onto the pumpkin until it is covered.
  4. Wipe off the bottom of the pail with a paper towel and allow the pumpkins to dry overnight. I placed them on top of a bowl to avoid getting stuck onto the table or the newspaper.

Stitch’s 626 Trick or Treat Pail

My daughter wanted the 626 experiment pod that Stitch comes out of in the movie to match her Stitch Costume. Here’s how to make it.

Stitch 626 Experiment Pod Halloween


  • Paper Mache Pumpkin
  • Blue Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Cricut Machine
  • Black Permanent Vinyl
  • Ribbon
  • Masking Tape
  • Craft Knife


  1. Paint the pumpkin blue and allow it to dry.
  2. Cut out two 626 numbers on a Cricut machine.
  3. Weed the numbers and place it on both sides of the trick or treat pail.
  4. Poke out the existing holes in the pumpkin with a craft knife. Place masking tape on the ends of a piece of ribbon for the handle. Insert the ends and tie it in a knot in the inside of the pumpkin. Repeat on the other side.

If you don’t have a Cricut machine, simply print out the numbers 626, cut them out, and glue them onto the pail.

Lilo’s Srump Trick or Treat Pail

Naturally, I just had to make Lilo’s doll, Scrump, as her trick or treat pail to match her Lilo costume. Here is how I made it.

Lilo and Scrump Halloween Costume DIY


  • Paper Mache Pumpkin
  • Green Paint (Craft Smart Ocean Breeze)
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Felt Scraps
    • Black
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Yellow
  • 2 Yellow Pipe Cleaners
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Craft Knife
  • Ribbon
  • Masking Tape


Watch the YouTube video for details.

  1. Paint the pumpkin in Ocean Breeze by Craft Smart.
  2. Add the handle following the instructions above.
  3. Fold 1 pipe cleaner into 2 loops and the other one in 3 loops. Cut a hole in the top and insert the pipe cleaner hair, securing it with hot glue.
  4. Cut out these shapes out of felt scraps and glue on with hot glue.
    1. Black mouth with pink stitches
    2. Left black eye with yellow X’s
    3. Right blue eye with 4 light blue circles
    4. Pink bow

There you have it! My Lilo and Stitch Trick or Treat Pails! Be sure to check out the rest of our Lilo and Stitch inspired family Halloween costumes. Need more inspiration? Check out our family Halloween costumes from years past!

Lilo and Stitch Scrump Trick or Treat Pail

Scrump Lilo and Stitch Halloween

Stitch 626 Experiment Pod Halloween

DIY Lilo and Stitch Family Halloween Costumes

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