Rapunzel Invitation DIY with Yarn Hair

Rapunzel Invitation DIY Handmade

One of my best friend’s daughters is turning four! So many soon-to-be four year olds love Disney Princesses. Recently I made a Little Mermaid clam shell birthday card for our other bestie and this time, I volunteered to make a Rapunzel invitation for a Tangled themed party. I perused Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration and I found some great ones, but ended up making a version of my own. Here is how I made them.




Prepare your pieces as shown. These are the measurements amounts per one Rapunzel invitation. Keep in mind that my friends did not need envelopes because she was hand delivering each invite, so measurements will differ in order to fit inside envelopes.

  • 2 – 8” Long Purple Ribbon
  • 9 – 8” Long Yellow Yarn
  • 1 – 2.5” X 6” Stone Tower
  • 1 – 5.75” X 6.25” Yellow Background
  • 1 – 3” X 2.5” Purple Rectangle
  • 1 – 3” X 4.25” Purple Rectangle
  • 1 – 2” X 1.75” Black Rectangle


Next, cut the purple rectangles into triangles, and the black rectangles into windows, using a pencil and ruler to measure.

Rapunzel Invitation DIY (1)

I designed printed out my message on 2.5” X 4.25” paper. It says, “Come let your hair down. We are celebrating Taylor’s birthday!”


I assembled the invitation as shown with a glue stick, using the small purple triangle.

Rapunzel Invitation DIY Castle

Next, I bunched 9 pieces of yarn and 1 purple ribbon and taped it to the larger triangle.

Rapunzel Invitation DIY Tower

I braided the hair and then hot glued the black window on top.

Rapunzel Braided Hair Invitation DIY

I hot glued three ribbon craft flowers onto the hair.

Rapunzel Yarn Hair Invitation DIY

Lastly, I hot glued the hair falling out of the window onto the invitation. Here it is!

Rapunzel Invitation DIY Tutorial

I also made a little castle out of left overs to make some unique gift wrapping for her gift. We can’t wait to give it to her!

Rapunzel Invitation DIY Gift Wrapping

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  1. Very cute invitations! Thanks for sharing! These will be perfect for my little girl’s 4th Birthday party! How many invitations did you make and how many of pieces of each color paper did you need?

  2. Hi! This invitation is beautiful. I’m making it now for a friend’s daughter’s 4th birthday and just wanted to make you aware that the measurement you have listed for the yellow paper is off!! It looks to be more like 5.75″x6.25″ maybe. I stared to cut my yellow paper first and immediately realized the measurement you have listed is way too small. Hope this helps someone else who might make these cute invites!

  3. Hi! The yellow background and the bigger rectangle have the same measurement. Just looking at it, the yellow one is much bigger. Is it really 3″ x 4.25″ also? Thanks

  4. What did you use for n envelope for these cute invitations. I did a practice run on the card and it turned out great!

    1. Oh great!! I made them for my best friend’s daughter and she handed them out at school so she didn’t need envelopes. But if I recall, I think they would fit in these, but maybe measure the one you made just to be safe! http://amzn.to/2jQA08A (affiliate) I hope this helps, Sue! So glad you like them!

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