Alice in Wonderland First Birthday Party

Whimsical and Colorful Alice in Wonderland First Birthday Party

This Alice in Wonderland First Birthday Party by my best friend, Jennifer Hostetler was truly one of the most whimsical birthday parties I have attended.  I originally mentioned it when I dyed those coffee filter flowers for the Red Rose Queen of Hearts bush and then again when I made the paper flowers with faces on them. I’m SO excited about the fantastic job my best friend Jenny did on this party! If you don’t know, Jenny is the Queen of theme parties.  Two of the most popular posts she has shared here on DIY Inspired are her Circus themed party and her Candy Land party Part One and Part Two.

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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

First, let me please introduce the two guests of honor, Jamie and Brooklyn, my God Daughters!!!  Jenny dressed them in yellow t-shirts, white suspenders, and red tutus representing Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. How adorable are they???

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (3)

When you first enter the backyard area, Jenny hung a WONDERLAND banner she made from scrapbook paper mixing both solid and patterned paper. She made the letters and teapots on a Silhouette machine.

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (14)

Table Centerpieces

Her table centerpieces were very whimsical and colorful, with a mix of artificial flowers with googly eyes, teacups, little paper mad hatter hats, and lanterns. Much of the centerpieces are groupings of paper crafts she made. She added little flowers to the hats and printed paper keys. The flowers are sitting inside narrow glass bud vases and nestled inside the paper teapots.

Pro Tip: Search the kid’s playroom for plastic teapots and teacups to mix into your centerpieces.


Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (8)

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (7)

The kids table looked amazing, complete with the centerpiece I made for her. This centerpiece was inspired by the flowers in Alice in Wonderland. I placed thm inside a painted pretzel container. I have a separate tutorial for this.

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (1)

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (13)

Backyard Transformation

The backyard was transformed with painted frames in the bushes, tissue and paper flowers with faces, and floating lanterns above.

  1. First, the frames were pre-cut frames from Michael’s craft store. She bought them in different sizes and painted them vibrant colors.
  2. Whimsical paper flowers with googly eyes were a nice touch.
  3. Lastly, Jenny also bought inexpensive plastic table clothes in a variety of colors.

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (16)

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (5)

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (17)

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (18)

Food Table Decorations

Near the food area, she made an eat me sign, an oversized clock from the white rabbit, and a beautiful cake to match the theme.

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (15)

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (19)

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (2)


Queen of Hearts Royal Croquet Court

Jenny had an area with A Royal Croquet Court that paid homage to the Queen of Hearts herself! She used the skirt I made for Halloween as a table skirt. She also painted large wooden playing card guards to watch over the game.

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (12)

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (11)Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (10)

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (9)

This was such a GORGEOUS party full of inspiration!

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Lastly, Before you go!


This post was originally published on July 10, 2013.

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  2. I *love* those teapots! and the chesire cat cake! my kid once had a mad hatters day at school, where they had to wear crazy hats. that could be the dress code in addition too

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