Trash to Treasure: Recycled Beer and Wine Bottles

Turn Trash into Treasure: Recycled Beer and Wine Bottle Ideas

You know you party like a Rockstar on every weekend or holiday, so what do you do with all the beer and wine bottles? Don’t throw them away! Save them all! Recycling bottles is a must these days; so start thinking GREEN and turn your trash into treasure.  Check out these creative ways to reuse recycled beer and wine bottles for party decor and more.

Wine Bottle Halloween Decorating Idea

So a few of these may be challenging for a first time DIY’er; but fun to look at nonetheless. Don’t want a challenge? Slap a label on one and use it for a Halloween party or Pirate themed Birthday or a Wine Tasting Party. It’s tough choosing the best idea (they’re all ingenious).  If we had to choose, we’d have to go with the wine bottle wind chimes… eco-friendly, creative, and beautiful.

Pirate Themed Bottles for a Party

To make these:

  1. Wrap a red or black piece of construction paper around the bottle for a border.
  2. Print our spooky pictures from a Google Search and tape or glue it onto the label background.
  3. If desired, add a taper candle on top.

Wine Tasting Party Centerpiece

Using empty bottle of wine and beer to decorate a Wine Tasting Party is very simple. Cover the existing label with patterned scrapbook paper and ribbon to match your party colors and style. Add long stemmed flowers. You can also group different sizes and shapes together on or in a wine crate.

Wine Tasting Party Decor

Need more Wine Party Ideas?

Check these out:

Mermaid Party Drink Bottles

Mermaid Party Drinking Glasses

  1. Rinse and wash beer bottle and remove the labels with soap and water.
  2. Cover them with burlap and ribbon.
  3. Decorate them with seashells.

See more of this party here: Mermaid Party Ideas

Here are some creative ideas from around the web.

Check out these other creative ways to recycle:


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