First Birthday Party DIY Decoration Ideas

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First Birthday Party DIY Decoration Ideas

Friend and fellow Crafty Chick (and may I add GORGEOUS), Tara Woelfer, did a fabulous job for an Elmo themed first birthday party.  Here are some Birthday Party DIY Decoration Ideas. She used bold primary and secondary colors coordinated with polka dot and checkered patterns. She covered boxes with colorful gift wrap, which is a great way to add height and dimension to any table scape.

Tip: A good investment for any party host or hostess is glass candy jars and glass bowls in various sizes and heights.  Add a ribbon and label to fit any party theme.

The dessert table was adorned with a “sweets” banner a topped with creatively labeled yummy treats like marshmallows, chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles, colorful candies, cupcakes, and savory cheese popcorn.  Tara also added a special touch by personalizing some of the treats with the birthday boy’s name and age.

The centerpieces were assembled with checkered pinwheels in plastic pales, and pictures of the little man of honor.  Do it yourself Pinwheels are a creative and simple way to add whimsy to any party centerpiece. Use decorative scrapbook paper in any color or pattern to fit any occasion. Also, consider using pages of old novels, children’s books, or magazines depending on the party theme.

Thanks for the inspiration, Tara!! You are amazing!

The fabulous photography is by Carrie Sparks.

Colorful First Birthday Party DIY Decoration Ideas - DIY Inpired

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