Jurassic World Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping- Jurassic World Party Decoration Ideas

So you may know by now that I like paper crafts, including gift wrapping. Recently I have shared Sponge Bob gift wrapping, Paper Flower gift wrapping, and Super Hero gift wrapping, and today I want to share Jurassic World gift wrapping I did for one of my favorite kids!

I covered the top with paper leaves I made. You can essentially use these leaves for a Jurassic World theme party or jungle birthday party. You can use them as table top décor, string them into a banner, or hang them from the ceiling. You only need a few supplies.


I picked several hues of Astrobrights paper in green. One piece of paper will make two-four leaves, depending on the size of leaves.

DIY Jungle Party Decorations

Simply fold the paper in half, and cut the shape of half of a leaf. Fringe the ends and unfold the leaf.

Jungle Party Paper Leaves

Play around with the length.

How to Make Paper Leaves

You can make different sizes and widths to fit your package. I free handed it with several colors, and arranged them afterwards.

DIY Paper Leaves

I also printed a Jurassic World logo I found online and changed the writing for the birthday boy, Adrian. I print and cut it out and placed it on top of the wrapped present.

Jurassic World Gift Wrapping

One the sign/card was glued on, I played around with the arrangement of the leaves. Once I was happy, I glued them on. I only used about 6-7 pieces of paper.

DIY Jungle Themed Gift Wrapping

The birthday boy (and his parents) thought it was so cool. I hope you like it!

Jurassic Park Gift Wrapping

Jurassic World DIY Gift Wrapping Idea

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