Trash To Treasure: Ways to Reuse Old Boxes

Creative and Interesting Ways to Reuse Old Boxes instead of Throwing them Away

Think twice before throwing away your old boxes. What better way to be eco-friendly and recycle than by turning trash into something functional.  Recycling and repurposing boxes is budget friendly as well! There are many many ways to reuse old boxes, but here are some ways you can repurpose cardboard cereal, food, and other boxes very easily.

Here we go.

Turn them into a DIY Gift Bag by wrapping them and adding a ribbon handle.

Here is another example of an upcycled gift bag.


Cover them up for more creative gift wrapping like this…

recycled-carton-valentine-treat-boxes (1)

or this…

Turn them into DIY Toy Storage by reinforcing them with duct tape.


Use the cardboard to make doll accessories.

DIY American Girl Doll Laptop

… or even doll school supplies

DIY Doll School Supplies - Tablet Calculator Rulers

…or even doll sized food!

Doll Sized Lunch Food DIY

Use them to wrap small gifts. Cracker and other food boxes are ideal for this.

Use can even them as a paper plate and napkin holder for a party. Wrap it to fit a party theme. Once I made a plate and napkin holder is for my daughter’s Paul Frank themed birthday party YEARS ago. The party is outdoors at a park and I wanted to make sure the paper plates and napkins did not blow away and came up with this solution. I covered an old wooden box with themed wrapping paper and scrapbook paper and added a personal sign… simple, cute, and festive. My point is, there are many creative ways to reuse old boxes.

Before you go, you may like this fun video for doll drinks that used a little bit of recycled cardboard. Ha!

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Creative Ways to Use Old Boxes


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