DIY No Sew Felt Flowers

Easy DIY No Sew Felt Flowers

I made so many of these little DIY no sew felt flowers to embellish some Troll Hair Headbands I made for my daughter’s softball team a few years ago.  I gave a video tutorial on Facebook on how to make them with the Troll headbands, but I realized you can use these flowers for so many things, so I made a separate video and written tutorial to share with you. You only need three things.

Time: 15-30 Minutes


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Video Instructions:

Here is a quick video. I also made an Instagram Reel of a larger version of these flowers.

No Sew Felt Flower Instructions:

Cut a .75”-1” X 9” piece of felt (I used 9 X 12 felt sheets). The width doesn’t have to be exact. Cut that piece in half.  Take one half and cut five scallops.  Again, it does not have to be perfect.  Trim off any excess. Take the other half and cut it into four equal pieces.  Cut three of the four pieces into a petal shape.

Roll the scalloped piece to form the center of a flower and use hot glue to glue it closed.  Place the three petals to form a triangle, making them equidistant. Be sure they overlap a little. Place a dab of hot glue to the bottom of the rolled bud and place it on top of the triangle of petals.

To complete the flower, cut a leaf shape out of green felt and glue it to the bottom of the flower.

You can use these easy no sew flowers to embellish SO many things. Use it on different materials like fabric, paper, or plastic. Use them on hats, purses, headbands and barrettes and other accessories.  You can even use them on clothing, pillows, wreaths, or embellish a gift bag or box with them.  The possibilities are endless!

Check out some other felt flowers I have made like these easy DIY no sew felt flowers, and these and these! Here is a photo of the larger version I made into a barrette and another of my daughter wearing it. 

Easy Felt Flower Barrettes

Easy Felt Flower Hair Accessory

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  1. Thank you, these look adorable!!! My daughter’s school is having a Trolls movie night this Friday and I am going to make one for her to wear!

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