New Neighbor Gift Ideas

New Neighbor Gift Ideas Plus Clever Wrapping Ideas

Since we moved, I am realizing more and more the importance of a good neighborhood. We have always lived in good neighborhoods, however this particular one is great. It is filled with lots of children, love, and friendship. Because of this, I wanted to share some neighbor gift ideas.

Neighbor Gift Idea

DIY Neighbor Gift Ideas

First, let’s start with a few DIY ideas.

  1. Make homemade candles like these DIY scented teacup candles or these outdoor citronella candles to keep the bugs away.
  2. If they have a dog, make these easy 4 ingredient dog treats or this fun stenciled dog bowl mat.
  3. Bring over this mason jar chocolate cookie gift for them to make when they are all settled in.
  4. Don’t like to bake? Bring over these semi homemade cookie pops.

Make a Custom Gift

I decided to order some custom gifts since our neighborhood is so special to me and had my brother make the design. The enamel bottle opener keychains from Wizard Pins were perfect, so I placed the order. They came out beautifully.

Custom Enamel Bottle Opener Keychain

The design looks like our neighborhood street sign and says “our street is better than yours”. Ha! As you can tell, we also have a great sense of humor in this neighborhood.

If you enter your email on the Wizard Pins site, you can receive 10% off your first order. This site is also great for ordering custom pins and keychains in bulk for your business. I may need to make some DIY Inspired keychains next.

Ordering several so that I can gift two per couple on our street and have extra for new neighbors, I came up with some fun gift-wrapping options.

Gift Wrapping Idea for Neighbor Gifts

Ideas for Gift Wrapping Small Gifts

Shopping in the wedding section of a craft store gave me a bunch of ideas. Since I have so many bottle opener keychains to wrap, I checked out the wedding party favor section of the store.

  1. Place them in canvas bags with a bow and tag.
  2. Buy mini jars and place them inside with basket filler. Place a ribbon around the lid with a tag.
  3. Use mini metal buckets or baskets with basket filler, and place them in a clear plastic bag and tie it with a ribbon.

Christmas Gift Idea for Neighbors

FREE Neighbor Printables for Every Holiday

Before you go, check out these fun and free printables you can use for each holiday.

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