Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Adults and Kids

Recently, I was on the Celebrate by Party City podcast. We chatted about both adult and kids summer birthday party ideas and I wanted to share it here today.

Summer Dinner Party for Adults

Host a tropical inspired sophisticated summer birthday dinner party in hues of greens and gold for a few close friends.

Sophisticated Summer Birthday Dinner Party

Watch the Video

You can watch the video I made for Party City here and shop the look. I got the Key West collection to help achieve this tropical look and feel.

Decorating Tips and Ideas:

I wanted to have an intimate dinner party. Think close girlfriends over for cocktails.

  1. These are adorable! Assemble the decorative leaves from the Key West Palm Leaf Cutouts package. Follow the instructions inside using the gold brads that are provided. These cutouts can be scattered as part of a centerpiece, used to decorate a nearby wall, or added to a hanging chandelier or light pendant with tape. The gold leaves are my favorite.
  2. Table clothes and place mats give a more sophisticated feel to a dinner party. A sandy tan color goes perfect with the Party City Key West collection. You can also use white or black.
  3. Layer the Palm Leaf Dinner Plates and Shaped Key West Palm Leaf Dessert Plates with your own plates, placing the square gold dinner plates on the bottom.
  4. Use the paper cut outs in chip bowls for an added flare.

Kids Summer Birthday Party Themes

On the podcast, we chatted about four different summer party theme as well. You can take the ideas below to fit an adult or kids themed party.

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to “Celebrate, by Party City. EP4: Celebrating Summer Birthdays” on Spreaker.

Ice Cream Party Balloons DIY


Ice Cream Social

  • Use the Just’ Chillin’ Party City line. It has pretty pastel ice cream cones and popsicles on it.
  • Make your own giant ice cream cones with 5” balloons or water balloons or lanterns and paper cones. You can even use real ice cream cones as the bottoms.
  • Have a topping bar – with sauces (caramel, chocolate, strawberry, whipped cream)
  • Use waffle cones as cups to put marshmallows, candies, jellybeans. Use a votive candle holder to insert cones.

Tutti Frutti Party

  • Use the Hello Summer Party City line in bold colors mixed with light blue and white stripes with watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries.
  • Mix with coconut shell drinking cups with umbrellas
  • Use large balloons and paper leaves to make giant fruit, oranges, lemons, a bunch of grapes
  • Make a colorful balloon garland, add green paper fruit leaves
  • Serve fruit skewers
  • Provide dips for fruit like chocolate sauce
  • Hollow our oranges for fruit cups

Pineapple Luau Party Centerpieces


Traditional Hawaiian/ Tropical Luau/ Tiki Adventure party

DIY Mermaid Party Shell Cookies

Watch the video: DIY Wood Burned Signs

Nautical Party Ideas

  • Think fish net and seashells, lanterns, rope, sail boats, crabs, and anchors
  • Color scheme – bold red, white, and navy blue
  • DIY life preservers with foam ring, fabric or paint, and twine
  • For a dinner party, wrap utensils in white rope
  • Wrap candles or candle holders in twine
  • Buffet or dessert table or centerpiece, used crates in all sizes to add dimension to your table

Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Adults and Kids

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