Christmas Gift Hunt

A Fun Scavenger Christmas Gift Hunt with Free Printable

Every year, my four best friends and our families get together for a Christmas party. Now that we are in our forties, we have a dozen kids among us with age ranges from 3-13. As you can suspect, the little ones want to run around and play while the older ones get board after 30 minutes.

Christmas Gift Hunt Printable Clues

This year, I wanted to arrange a Christmas gift hunt that all the kids would enjoy. It’s great for all ages. I combined by New Year’s Eve Countdown idea with my Easter egg scavenger hunt and came up with this.

Purchase the Gifts

The parents decided to pitch in $10.00 per child to do this activity. We had 12 kids in an age range of 3 to 13, so we thought that cash, lotto tickets, and sweet treats were great options and all something they would be excited about finding. As the host, I kicked in a few extra dollars for some treats. Below, you will find the prizes I gave out plus some alternative budget friendly suggestions.

Here are the gifts we decided to give in order of clues 1-7.

  1. Lotto Ticket
  2. Cupcake
  3. $2 Bill
  4. Candy Cane
  5. Lotto Ticket
  6. Candy
  7. $5 Gift Card


Total Activity Time: 3.5 hours

Print and cut out these free Christmas Gift Hunt printables. You will find one introduction poem and seven clues.

I decided not to hide the gifts until right before each clue was read to avoid having the kids accidentally find them.

Starting the Christmas Gift Hunt

Gather all the kids together and read the Christmas Gift Hunt Introduction out loud.

After the Introduction to the Christmas Gift Hunt is read, each clue is read aloud at the top of every half hour. This way, the kids have something to look forward to throughout the party. The last gift is usually the biggest. I suggest reading them in the order I have written below, but you can switch it up if it makes sense for you.

Introduction to the Christmas Gift Hunt

An adult reads this introduction out loud to all the kids at the start of the hunt. After, read the first clue. If desired, print out copies to hand out.

This is a special gift hunt my dears

Listen very carefully and open your ears

Each half hour you’ll be given a note

In them you’ll see a poem that I wrote

To help you find candy and cash or trinkets

Listen to the clues but don’t over think it

They’ll lead you to gifts, one for each kid.

It won’t be easy because they are all well hid

Use your heads to solve them together

Some of you are good, but others might be better

Walk don’t run once you solved each riddle

Help each other because some are still little

Now let’s start with the first clue

It’s an interesting one, but you’ll know what to do


Clue #1: First Clue (hidden in a Christmas tree/garland/decoration with lights)

At CHRISTMAS time we all decorate our homes. We put up stockings, garland, and even holiday gnomes! This first prize can be found in a place that sparkles and shines. Get excited, because something great is what you’ll find!

Prize: Lotto ticket


Lotto Ticket Scavenger Hunt Clue

Clue #2: Cupcake Clue (hidden in a kitchen cabinet)

I know that most of you love to eat. In this place we bake our Christmas time treats. Look above and below, on the ceiling and floor. Don’t forget to look behind each cabinet door.

Prize: I bought a pack of a dozen individually wrapped cupcakes from Walmart for less than $4.00. For this one, you can also giveaway homemade treats.


Clue #3: Balloon Clue (hidden in a room that’s off limits)

This next surprise may lead you to doom, because it’s hidden in a forbidden room. You’ll find a tool that you will need, just make sure you clean up and do a good deed. Lastly, make sure you do not stop, until you hear a very loud pop!

Prize: Balloon with $2 inside each one. Place some safety pins or straight pins nearby for them to use to pop the balloons.


Clue #4: Candy Cane Clue (hidden in a dryer/washing machine/dishwasher)

What do you think? Are you having fun yet? “This is the greatest party ever”, you’re saying, I bet. This prize you’ll find in a place that cleans. Sometimes it’s noisy because you’ll hear a machine.

Prize: Fun Dip Candy Canes

Clue #5: Lotto Ticket Clue

It’s time for another clue. You’re all pros now and know what to do. Hope you’re feeling lucky; because it’s cold in this place! If you’re hungry you might find something to stuff in your face!

Prize: Lotto Tickets


Clue #6: Sour Patch Clue (in a couch cushion)

At last we are in the final hour. I hope you’re having a sweet time, and not sour. This next prize you’ll find in a place where it’ comfy indeed. A place to relax, watch TV, and to read.

Prize: Giant Sour Patch Box to share. I found this box of a dozen bags of Sour Patch Kids at Walmart.

Clue #7: Grand Prize Clue (hidden in the garage)

Now it’s time for the biggest surprise. Look very carefully with your beautiful eyes! It’s hidden in an area where we park the car. Walk! Don’t run! No need to travel too far.

Prize: $5 Starbucks gift cards. You can also look for dollar bin toys or put together small party favor bags.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy this fun Christmas Gift Hunt. Your kids will have a blast!

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Christmas Party Scavenger Hunt for All Ages

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