DIY Wire Ribbon Wreath with Succulents


It was time to change up my spring wreaths with tulips on my front doors.  I love this DIY wire ribbon wreath for so many reasons. First, unlike many ribbon wreaths like this one and this one I made, you don’t need as much ribbon so its inexpensive to make. Second, it is easy to change throughout the year. You can remove the ribbon and reuse it another time or use it for gift wrapping. Last, it only takes a few minutes to make!

I made a quick YouTube tutorial for it. You can check it out here:

Time: 20 Minutes



Cut two small holes into the end of the ribbon and insert floral wire to tie around the wire frame to secure the ribbon. Begin wrapping it around the frame.  The rolls in the video were 3 yards each and I used one and a half rolls for one wreath. Once you are finished wrapping, twist the ribbon and simply tuck it into a fold at the back of the wreath.

I bought artificial succulents at Michael’s and tucked them into the ribbon. To keep them in place, I used floral wire, wrapped it around and twisted it in the back.

You can change the ribbon and flowers to fit any holiday or theme. This one is great because it works all year long!

Here are more of my wreath tutorials:

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