Easy Repurposed Magnets

Easy Repurposed Magnets for the Craft Room

I save everything! Hi, my name is Dinah and I am a Hoarder. Apparently it runs in the family because my brother saves everything too! When I was helping him purge his home for his big move coming up (sad face), I took some goodies with me including these old prescription pill cases. I decided to turn them into easy repurposed magnets for craft storage in my craft room.

In case you need some inspiration, here are some of my craft room makeovers, old and new:


Watch the Easy Repurposed Magnets Video

Here is a quick video I made to watch these easy repurposed magnets in action.

As you can see it’s very simple and can be useful in:

  • An Office Space
  • Kid’s Bedroom
  • On a Refrigerator
  • A Sewing Room
  • A Classroom

Time: 15 Minutes


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  • Prescription pill bottles or Small Plastic Containers
  • Strong glue (I used E6000 and Elmers ProBond Advanced)
  • Magnets


I guess I don’t really need a tutorial for this because it’s self-explanatory, BUT I’m not only a hoarder but also apparently obsessed with taking step-by-step photos of everything… ha!! So here are the pill bottles, just in case you don’t know what the look like.



I flipped them upside down and used Elmers ProBond Advanced for the prescription bottles and E6000 for the small plastic containers, which I purchased at Joann Fabric and Craft Store. This glue is great because it’ll adhere anything. You can even use it on cement! Anyway, I let them dry overnight.



I put some of my craft supplies in them and stuck them up on my magnet board with the other small plastic cases I added magnets to.  Consider using different kinds of small cases as magnets.  I use them for beads, paper clips, jewelry notions, sewing notions, safety pins, you name it! I think I even have some wiggly eyes for kid’s crafts in one of them. They really come in handy and are now easily accessible.



I hope you try these easy repurposed magnets out! Check out all these clever ways to repurpose prescription bottles!

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This post was originally written on March 7, 2014 and updated and improved.

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