Mini Photo Memory Frame

Best Friend Mini Photo Memory Frame Idea

My two best friends and I all three had little girls within thirty days of one another. I swear we didn’t plan it! Needless to say, now that they are four years old, they have developed quite an amazing friendship. I wanted to make a keepsake for each of the girls to keep in their rooms. Here is how I made this cute and quick mini photo memory frame for each of them.

Mini Photo Memory Frame Idea

Time: 1 hour


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Mini Photo Collage Instructions


  1. You can find these wooden cut out frames in many different styles and sizes at your local craft store like Michael’s.
  2. I painted each frame to match each of the little girl’s rooms.
  3. Next, I printed and cut out nine 1.7”X 1.7” photos and nine 2”X 2” pieces of craft board for each frame. Social media is a great place to check for photos. Simply save them to your computer, resize, and print.
  4. I used double sided tape to put them together.
  5. Lastly, I tied three pieces of twine horizontally across each frame and clipped each photo with mini clothespins.

Mini BFF Photo Memory Frame

There you have it! It’s a simple memory keepsake that the girls will have forever. Also, they can easily change the photos as they create new memories.

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