Birthday Party Themes for the Summer

Boy and Girl Birthday Party Themes for the Summer

My daughter’s birthday is in July. At the end of the school year she gets lumped into a group of kids and they all celebrate all of their summer birthdays together. Over a third of her class had a summer birthday so it got me thinking. Although I have posted about several different birthday party ideas on this blog, I narrowed it down a dozen birthday party themes for the summer. Here we go!

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#1 Best DIY Pirate Party Ideas

This parrrrrrrty (get it?) is absolutely amazing; one done by one of my friends.  It takes place at a park and has several ideas for not only décor, but fun party games for the guests. I made a video of this one.

#2 Finding Dory Party Ideas

Just in time for the movie release this summer. This post comes with an awesome free printable for your Dory themed party favors.

#3 Beach Party Birthday

This simple beach party is popular on Pinterest… the flip flop cookies are my fave!

#4 Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Another pretty cool themed party for your Minecraft lover with some clever ideas for food and outdoor games.

#5 Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

This Disney themed one is cute cute cute and perfect for a first birthday party.

#6 Emoji Birthday Party Ideas

Another fun summer pool party with DIY Emoji everything! It may be one of my favorites.

#7 DIY Mermaid Party Ideas

This was the perfect nautical themed pool party, but great all year round too.

#8 Summertime Ice Cream Party DIY Ideas

Who doesn’t want ice cream in the summertime? This party has some fun decorations and an ice cream bar! It’s also great for the end of the school year.

#9 Minion Luau Birthday Party

Check out all the details of my daughter’s 7th birthday pool party. It was her idea to do a minion Luau. Minions DO look very cute in grass skirts!

#10 Frozen Fever Birthday Party for the Summer

I did the decorations for this party for my daughter’s friend. Trying to save some money, I came up with some budget friendly decorations. Many of the items I used were from the dollar store.

#11 A Guide to the ULTIMATE DIY Angry Birds Party

Between my best friend and I, this party was the ULTIMATE! I mean, there was a giant sling shot for goodness sake! Oh… and just in time for the movie too!

#12 The Little Mermaid Party Ideas

The Little Mermaid screams summer if you ask me! We grabbed some ordinary household items to create a pretty impressive treasure trove and then some! Here’s a video I made of it.

BONUS: Emoji Party Favors with FREE Printable

Although I haven’t posted the party yet. The emoji theme is the theme my daughter chose for her 6th birthday party next month. For now, here are the party favors I’m doing… more to come!

Like these ideas? I’d love it if you’d pin them!

Birthday Party Themes for the Summer - DIY Inspired

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